These are the musings of a “learning tragic” – an educator… a teacher. Opinions expressed here are the author’s own viewpoint and do not reflect those of my current or past employers, nor any of the supervisors I have had over the years… some of whom have also been my mentors.

This blog is mostly about having a place to “download” in order to free-up some headspace. The wave of change, combined with my advancing years, finds me in need of somewhere to write about what I have learned and am continuing to learn.

My own teaching career began in the 1980s as a Mathematics and Computer Studies teacher in a small country High School in NSW, Australia. Since then highlights have included teaching in both public and private schools, single sex and co-ed, high schools, primary schools, infants schools. I have been Coordinator and Expedition Supervisor for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. I have taken school groups to the USA on exchange and enjoyed visiting schools there (especially time spent at Cherry Creek High School, CO).

I completed my NSW DET List 2 inspection – if anyone remembers those days! I have attended and lead sessions at professional conferences.

After taking time off for the miraculous arrival of my son, I have returned to teaching with a new perspective – that of a parent. This has certainly added a complexity to the role of teacher for me. Here I am now in a new century (hardly brand new anymore) and looking to a new challenge – the world of the Teacher Librarian.

Please make contact if you have adventures to tell about… projects to plan… fun to share! Out on twitter I am @debhoggozBy the way… the image that forms the header for this blog, shows my son falling to earth over the Bay of Islands in New Zealand in September, 2014… I was just behind him… :)

So this blog is actually just for me – if there ends up being an audience larger than that, then that would just confirm my conviction that Chaos Theory explains it all!

If you drop by – please leave a comment! Thank you!

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  1. A great blog Deb. Sounds like I’ve been around as long as you, if not longer!! But have worked in IT support and have now decided to train as a teacher. I look forward to hearing more of your insights this year. John

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